Exclusive Location

The Barranco de Guayadeque is located in the southeast of the island of Gran Canaria and is reached by the municipalities of Ingenio and Agüimes. The road leading to the 'Montaña las Tierras' (Mount of the Lands) runs through the ravine, soaring mountains of the side, that increase in height as it headed inland.

Breathtaking views

The 4 houses, harmoniously integrated into the mountain, are located on a road that exists around 'Montaña las tierras'. This tour offers breathtaking views over the mountains and rich vegetation, there is also cave houses. From the top of this road, sea view reminds us that we are on an island: Gran Canaria.

A gift for the senses

Walking along 'Montaña las tierras' will be the first gift for the senses that give us our stay in Las Casas Rurales de Guayadeque. Each cave houses around have gardens and patios care with great care. At one point of the walk there is a small veranda with armchairs where you can enjoy the grandeur of the enviroment.

At Guayadeque survive in small communities that still maintain one of the most unique forms of architecture worldwide: the troglodyte habitat.

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